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Elder Law

Elder LawAn attorney who helps older adults and their families is well versed in legal issues that face their clients. These areas include estate planning, probate, guardianship, real estate, nursing home issues and other issues. An elder law attorney should have a working knowledge of the public and private agencies that may be able to assist their clients, as well as have a working knowledge of attorneys that may be able to assist with legal issues outside their practice areas.

Some common legal matters that are handled by elder law attorneys include the following:

Estate planning: This involves the preparation of documents necessary to pass your estate to your heirs. Common goals include avoiding probate, protecting your privacy, controlling future uses of the assets, controlling costs and minimizing taxes.

Medicaid Planning: Nursing home care is expensive. It is not covered by Medicare. If you run out of money, it sometimes can be paid by Medicaid. However, in order to qualify, you need to be almost completely out of money and you are not able to give away your money just to qualify. The Medicaid rules for how much money you can protect and the circumstances under which you can protect assets are complex. An elder law attorney can help plan for the best care possible for seniors.

Guardianship: The best way to avoid the court from appointing a guardian, somebody to monitor the care of a disabled person, is to prepare advance directives. When possible, this is the best way to assure that your wishes followed. Unfortunately, many people do not do this and an elder law attorney can assist families and older adults who find themselves in this situation.

Nursing Home Neglect: These cases are handled by litigation attorneys, but they are different from a routine personal injury case. The lawyer handling this matter needs to be familiar with common ailments and illnesses of the elderly and with the regulations that apply to nursing homes.

Housing Transitions: There are many living arrangements available for the elderly, including independent living, senior communities, assisted living, skilled care and others. Often the best arrangements involve a move from a house or an apartment. Elder law attorneys can guide you through the process.

An elder law attorney must possess the ability to listen to their clients. Another type of lawyer may be able to solve these legal matters, but an elder lawyer not only knows how to take care of the legal matter, but they know how to take care of older adults.


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